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Way of Jesus Self-Assessment

For each of the 7 "Way of Jesus" statements, below, select the response that best describes you. 

This is anonymous, and is meant for your own benefit.

Your response is not about a place in your life that you have arrived at, or about something that you have accomplished and can check off...

... Your response describes your understanding, today, and your normal daily rhythms, today.

Each of the responses under each statement are on a spectrum.  It is possible that your response might fall in between or overlap a few.  Choose the middle or lower one that is closest to your understanding.


VIEW & PRINT the Full Page Form, here (Legal Paper, 8 1/2 X 14").

His Life: I have begun followin Jesus and I am depending on the Spirit of Jesus for my journey.
His Mission: I am being sent by Jesus to bless others and to invite them to follow Him.
His Character: I am learning to be like Jesus in my Attitude, Behaviour, & Character.
His Love: I am learning to Love God and to Love Others.
His Teachings: I am learning the teaching of Jesus (the Whole Bible).
His Disciplers: I am helping someone and someone is helping me to be a reproducing follower of Jesus Christ.
His Community: I am participating in a community of followers of Jesus on mission to the world.
PRINT OR SAVE THIS PAGE BEFORE CLICKING "SUBMIT" or your answers will be no longer available to you.

Download PDF Version

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