What We Believe

We believe that everyone is created to live the life that God created them for!  It's a life of meaning and purpose, where we find value in who God created us to be, and freedom from everything that holds us back from fulfilling that purpose!


We believe that everyone is on a journey, that some of us have been trying to follow Jesus toward God's plan for our lives for a long time, and that others of us are just starting out.  We believe that none of us are perfect (yet!), and that God gives us grace for those imperfections... and that we need to show that same grace to one another.  At the same time, grace always comes hand-in-hand with truth (John 1:17); the statements below are what we hold to be true.


We believe in the Bible as the inspired Word of God, that it is therefore without error, and is the revelation of God to man.  The Bible is the complete source of God’s guidance to man.


We believe that the only way to be restored to a right relationship with God is by placing faith in Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for our sins on the Cross.  This is a gift of grace by God, and no amount of good works can help us to earn our salvation, but rather, they are a natural and necessary result of our new life in Christ.


We believe that God exists in three distinct persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  As the second person of this trinity, Jesus took on human form and lived among mankind, to free us from our sin and to invite us into and eternal relationship with God.


We believe that man was created in the image of God, and in bearing that image, is meant for a personal relationship with God and to live in a loving community with one another.  We believe that because of the stain of original sin, all of mankind is completely depraved and is completely dependent on God to restore us to perfection.


We believe that the Church is the body of Christ, of which Jesus Christ is the head, and consists of those who believe and confess Jesus as Lord and place complete saving faith in Him alone for their salvation.  The Church is meant to glorify God, and its mission is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God to all.

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