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Addressing CHRONIC Food Insecurity

We want to help people to become everything they were created to be, AND we want to help our community to become everything it can be!

COMING SOON:  We're working on establishing Barrie's first downtown Food Co-op, to help to supply affordable food to those who need it most, while providing people with dignity, value, and purpose by including them in the process of developing their community.  

Feed - Assist - Develop.  Become everything that you were created to be.

We help people who are experiencing food insecurity.


  • Our full-time pantry is stocked and is available to access whenever you participate in one of our programmes.  View the Programme Schedule here.

  • "Tiny Pantry" in front of the Hope Centre has been discontinued due to abuse.

  • Meal Programme:  ready-to-heat meals for hunger and nutrition;

  • Grocery Assistance, accessible as-needed, and publicly at "Free Food Fridays", every Friday at 2:00pm.

  • Breakfast or Lunch available on-demand and for free through the pay-it-forward programme at Higher Grounds Coffee House.


  • Community Dinners & Community BBQ's, throughout the year.


The opposite of poverty is connection.

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